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Art Licensing Expo with Jennifer Pugh Studios

Hello Friends,

I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the Art and Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in June (http://www.licensingexpo.com). The Licensing Expo connects the world’s most influential entertainment, character, fashion, ART and corporate brand owners and agents with consumer goods manufacturers, licensees and retailers.

I was invited to speak on a panel by industry veteran, Tara Reed, (http://artlicensingblog.com) along with John and Melissa from Ideaologie and we discussed the 4 Key Factors To Consider Before Jumping Into Art Licensing. My perspective was one of a successful artist with an agent. I was excited to share my experiences and answered many questions regarding my journey in becoming a successful artist.

After my speaking debut, I walked the show with my agents at Sagebrush Fine Art (http://www.sagebrushfineart.com). They presented my art to new potential buyers at the show. I love working with Sagebrush Fine Art. We make a great team. I believe this show was a success and enjoyed meeting many new artists, friends and made many new business connections.

I hope that I can influence others interested in Art Licensing to have the courage and confidence in their work to seek out all the wonderful opportunities that come along with getting your art licensed.

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Thank you for your continued support.


Jennifer Pugh Artist and President Jennifer Pugh Studios

Quilt Squares from Lorry Young -Jennifer Pugh Studios Images on Fabric

Lorry Young recently purchased some of my fabric with my Tidepool design and wanted to share her end result. She emailed me images of her gorgeous quilt.  It looks great. Thanks Lorry for sharing and all your hard work. Currently her boat is in the Boston Harbor. Have fun sailing! Here is a copy of her recent email.

Hello Jennifer,

 I purchased your Tidepools quilt design fabric and absolutely love the fabrics, the color, the design and the quilt layout (pattern). The leader of my quilt club was impressed with how I quilted this and suggested I email photos illustrating  how I quilted your design.  I have a longarm and have only been quilting for about three years. I have also posted then on Pinterest. I recently purchased and extra panel (Fabric A) and am in the process of making throw pillows using up the extra fabric and they will be quilted in the same manner. It’ll take a while because now that our boat is in the water, sewing takes a back seat on my priority list! I hope you enjoy these photos, I certainly enjoy your design and love my quilt which will be a main focal point on our boat!

Tough getting a nice photo on a boat, so little light and little room to get around.  Hope this gives you an idea.  Boat beds are weird shapes!!! No such thing as a twin or double in the boating world.  Making pillows from an extra panel but that won’t be done for this season! Quilting takes backseat once boat hits the water!

My quilt & boat are in Boston Harbor this weekend!


Lorry Young

Cromwell, Connecticut 


Quilt Squares from Lorry Young -Jennifer Pugh Studios Images on Fabric

Mother's Day Collage by Jennifer Pugh

Mother’s Day is almost here! From awe inspiring prints, handcrafted frames, beautiful canvas and plush pillows we have the right gift for mom! Purchase now and save 20% using coupon code “Mother” at checkout.